Joy To Life’s Little Foibles {And One Of My Favorite “It’s How You Say It Stories”}

15 Jan

After posting my 10 Thrift Store Tips… a friend of mine FB-ed me with “I want to see a pic of Richard in the great dress you found him! ; )” which instantly made me aware that I didn’t do quite the proof reading job I thought I had.

Tip #5

Know your family members’ sizes and their likes and dislikes. I found a great dress for my husband last year. Tailored and with fancy cuffs. The colors were ones that I knew he would like.

Of course I fixed it. And I had a good laugh about it. And hey! Somebody actually read my stuff!

If you can’t laugh at life’s little foibles, is anything really worth it.

Funny lines popped into my head. “Now most people will think my hubby is a cross-dresser instead of no one thinking it.” Or “Maybe I should start a fictional blog charting the adventures of being married to a drag queen.”

For the record, my dude don’t wearith no dress. He does have some damn nice gams though.

Live Show Red

He’s the one holding the mic. MUDSTONE rocks! Check the band he’s in out at

Okay, here’s a family favorite of how wording can  change what you’re saying.

Years ago, when our now 19 and 16 year old daughters were around 6 and 3 we, as a family, headed about an hour away to stay with my in-laws. We were going for an event that included a livestock auction. Since my husband was longtime friends with the family that owned the livestock yard, he planned on helping with wrangling the cows, pigs and whatever other four-legged critters there were behind the scenes.

As we were packing our bags for our family’s overnight trip  I noticed that my husband had placed his dressier work shoes, with the belt for his slacks coiled up in one of them, on top of the packed clothes. A pet peeve of mine. I like the shoes in the bottom of the luggage or in a separate bag altogether. I set them aside and set about to rearrange our overnight bag.

We had a great time, except that little Caitlyn woke up with some tummy bug. But, she couldn’t be in better standing because she had Grandma all to herself as Deirdre and I took off for school and work. Richard took off as well for work sans his belt and loafers. Orthopedic sales reps, which was , and still is Richard’s occupation, wear scrubs like everyone else in the o.r. suite. But one shows up to the hospital in business attire. For that day his business attire included slightly baggy slacks and mud and muck covered work boots.

Noticing he looked a bit odd and mismatched one of the nurses that he frequently worked with asked what was up.

“Well, I didn’t go home last night and Erin packed my bags. She left out my shoes and belt.”

Looking at everyone’s concerned faces, he quickly realized how what he said sounded.

That’s always been one of my favorite stories and makes me laugh every time I think about.

Got any funny “It’s how you say it” stories?


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