Cross-Blogenating Monday!

18 Mar

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Here’s what been going on over at my other blog Miss Erin’s DanceFit (


I’ve started a thing called Technique Tuesdays, where I give a short tutorial on one aspect or layer of ballet technique and alignment.

Technique Tuesday; Pelvic Alignment In 1st Position Plie.

This tutorial focuses on how the pelvis should be aligned throughout a plié in first position.

Technique Tuesday; Opening Up The Collarbone…

I was inspired to do this one because I have a pretty packed Beginning Teen/Adult Ballet class right now (super stoked about it too! They are a great group). Finding the proper alignment for the shoulder girdle and the ribcage, as well as the neck, can take a long time to settle into. And it can be somewhat frustrating as well for new students. So I wanted to create a preparatory exercise that was gentle, but also enlightening to how the shoulder complex can be held for ballet technique. I like doing the exercise myself.

While I don’t like to talk overmuch about my eating disordered past and my journey to overcome it, I think it is important to share wisdoms if ya got em. Especially since I work with young girls in a field sort of known for body image issues. And a great deal of time is spent in front of a mirror.

Who Is That In The Mirror?


More tutorials! And my Zumba wear affiliate code. Save 10% off Zumba wear by using it!

New Zumba Wear! Save With My Affiliate Code! And A Step Tutorial.

Savings and a fun dance step!

Look’in for some sexy moves? This post has some tutorials that I found. Booty popping galore!

Oh Yeah! We Be Twerk’in…


Currently I am busy choreographing a bunch of solos for some of the ballet students that I teach. They have a performance coming up in June. I can’t remember my choreography from day to day until I’ve worked with it for awhile. So I pretty much film everything I do. The storage on my Iphone can’t keep up! So I have started putting the videos up on Miss Erin’s. I’m looking forward to watching the progression of the dancers as we get closer and closer to performance time!

The first batches are here and here.


That’s all for now. Hope you have found something useful or at least entertaining!



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