Cross-Blogenation Monday; What went on at Miss Erin’s DanceFit in October.

4 Nov

I have not cross-blogged in a very long time. Really, I haven’t been doing much blogging in general. I hope to change that over time. Baby steps, baby steps.

The first blog I started was in January of 2012. I thought it would be a great way to communicate with people from various parts of my dancing life; ballet, Zumba, then eventually Balletone and Pilates. I have students of various ages, and I have friendships with some of my teen dancers parents. I tend to post on Face Book about new posts on Like many others, my FB friend group includes family as well as friends and people I may work with professionally. In the blogoshpere I need a place shielded from parts of my family (not my immediate. We have a strong tradition of over sharing ’round these parts) and some people that, while I don’t feel the need to be someone I am not, may need a more personal introduction to the “off the clock” me. Hence, welcome2mycave.

Before I go into what went on in October I’m going to back it up a bit to September.

Last year was the first year that I participated in the annual Thrill The World event. It was a blast!


I swore I would never wear that ridiculous long gray wig again! I kept choking on strands of it and it kept getting my eyes. Not to mention it was hotter than Hell under it.

Well, we did it again this year. By we I mean members of my Zumba group that I teach 3 times a week and myself. This year’s event happened around the world on Saturday October 26th. But preparation began a over a month prior. All the work was worth it. All ready looking forward to next year’s.

Here’s what went on in October.

Hunting down holiday music.

Around this time of year I need to find music for holiday themed dances to set on my ballet students. In years past I have bristled and groused about this annual task. Last year I rolled up my sleeves and found as much as I could. I’m still feeding off it this year. Bonus- I have a great list to play at home over the holidays.


Pilates tips.

Over the last few months I have picked up some Mat Pilates classes that I instruct each week. I’ve been geeking out on Pilates technique on a pretty regular basis lately.

Dancehall; I’m gonna fake it till I make.

I love the Dancehall style of music and dancing. Hey, I may be a little rough around the edges, but I won’t let that stop me from lovin it up. Or from setting choreo for fun dance fitness routines for my Zumba classes.

So, that’s what went on over at Miss Erin’s DFit in October.

Hello November.

Thanks for hanging out and reading!


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