I am a wife and mother of four. We don’t really live in a cave of course. When I say “my cave” I’m talking about the household I run, the family I love and try to do right by in as many ways possible, and I guess whatever else comes into my head. I try to keep them all healthy by using the fundamentals of the paleo and primal diets (I hate that word- diet!). Perhaps there is a bit of a pun there.

So who dwells within my cave? My husband of twenty years, Richard, and our four children. We’ve got two daughters, 19 and 16. One is in college and the other in high school. We also have two sons, 12 and 8. Oh yeah, and me.

As well as wife and mom, I’m a ballet and dance fitness instructor. I fell in love with kettlebells a few years ago and have just started learning about bodyweight training. I will probably always be a newbie at both. I have another blog that focuses on dance related fitness mostly, misserindancefit.blogspot.com.

Here’s what I’m not; I’m not a licensed nutritionist, doctor or therapist. While I hope to share what has worked for me and where I may struggle, suggestions that I may make are not to be used in the place of medical advice, diagnoses or treatment, or in place of seeking proper medical treatment from a professional. Seek the advice of your doctor before making changes to your diet or starting an exercise program. Let’s keep the “ball” of responsibility and good sense in play!

What’s going on in your cave? I’d love to hear about it since each and every cave, and those who dwell within them are unique!

~Erin D.

So, who are these other cave dwellers? Really?

Fasha, Fabbio, Daddy-Man.


Richard, the leader of our cave. The owner of my heart.  My loving hubby and an amazing father to our four children.

For the past 16 years, he has worked as an orthopedic sales rep. In slang terms, he sells joints to bone cutters. Prior to medical sales, Richard worked as an O.R. tech – “Scalpel” (he was the one handing the scalpel to the surgeon).

So what does a guy with a stressful job do to unwind. He sings like a bad-ass in a rock band, MUDSTONE, and creates awesome compositions of his own. You can check out the band he sings with at mudstonerocks.com. Maybe I can sweet talk him into putting some of his works on my blog.


Dedar, D-Tron, DD-Bug


Deirdre is our first born. At nineteen, she is busy with college and work. While in high-school, she got involved with youth mentoring and youth development programs directed at junior high and high school kids. In her senior year of high school she started working with our county’s Behavioral Health Dept. as part of the youth staff. Now adult staff, she works there while in college working towards her Degree in Social Work, and eventually a masters degree in it.

Being the first pancake, she has had the great fortune of seeing us, as parents, at our most immature and inept. On the other side of the coin though, she has watched us grow up as we have watched her. She is intelligent, kind hearted with a great sense of humor, but a no nonsense way about her, especially for someone so young. She’s sort of my hero. Don’t tell her though, I don’t want it to go to her head.


Missy Caitlyn, Caitlyn Bacon (Deirdre’s doing from since they were 5 and 1), Cait-a-pillar


Caitlyn, the younger sister. At sixteen, she has just started driving. Nobody on my side of the family’s genetic tree has ever looked like her. Tall and olive toned. Sometimes I look at her and think, “How did I make this?”. But of course, the tallness and olive tone comes from Pappa-san. I  have also never met anyone as funny, clever and charming with a mega dose of just plain gorgeous. Look out world, she’s com’in atcha!

Taking her sister’s lead, she too is involved in mentoring programs. She mentors junior high kids and volunteers her time to youth developments programs, like her high schools chapter of Friday Night Live. She makes a great thrift shop shopping buddy. She is my hero, but don’t tell her. The other one might get jealous.


Little Man; Defender of Planet Earth, Neil-meister




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