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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow {What I’m Doing About My Thinning Hair Patches}.

28 Mar

Okay, I know, uber-lame title. But seriously, my hair is thinning! It started about 2 years ago. I had eased into the paleo/primal way of eating. While I was enjoying a list of benefits, my hair got a little cranky. My hair is somewhat fine, but I have a lot of it. Combined with natural waviness, I’ve always had a pretty decent head of hair. I don’t do much to it past washing and air drying. For about the last year and half I have been DIY coloring it, damn grays! I noticed the thinning before I started coloring regularly.


While it’s not atrocious, it is noticeable to me. As well as unwelcome. As you can see in the picture, it is two patches on my hairline.

Maybe I could rock the Sonya Tayeh look. I LOVE HER!!!

At forty-three, it could be something hormonal. Although having removed gluten from my diet and reducing the amount of non-gluten grains and refined sugar has given me great benefits for other hormonal issues. At thirty-five I was pretty certain that I was perimenopausal. What with the night sweats, fatigue, weight gain and mood swings. The mood swings changed when I went on anti-drepressants. I started low-dose Prozac in my late-thirties after realizing that I had been in denial of my problems with chronic depression and anxiety for 20 years. I have been off of them for about 2 years now. It is a subject that I plan to write about in more depth in the near future. One of the things I had been researching just prior to starting anti-depressants was PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). I pretty much matched all the symptoms. Pregnancy seemed the only break I got from being on the crazy PMDD roller coaster. The hormonal storm of pregnancy usually came as a welcome relief. Now adays though, I feel very even keel. And, for me personally, being off of an SSRI makes me able to cry at sappy commercials a few days leading up to my period. I like getting choked up at sappy commercials.

I want to add here that I am in no way advocating that anyone should self-diagnose potential mood or depression disorders. And the decision to go on anti-depressants or off of them is a very important one that should be discussed with a profession.

Anyhows, what’s up with my hair? Back in the 80’s when I was dangerously under weight and amenorrheic (abnormal absence of menstruation), my hair was limp and thin. But it was restored back to it’s regular fullness once I started mending my health. My hair has survived 4 pregnancies and bouts of breast feeding. I lost all my ringlet curls, but still, my hair was evenly full.

A couple of years ago when I noticed my thinning hair patches I popped onto the web to see what I could find. I found a lot of words as long as my arm. But basically, the things that matched up to my situation, having made a major change in diet, but overall healthy, said not to worry overmuch. Hey, hair loss happens, fuhgeddaboudit. Also, that hair individual follicles are constantly going through phases of growth, death and regrowth all over the scalp, all the time. Sudden changes can cause some follicles to do a “groupon” move, thus the patches. One piece I read even said something along the lines of by the time you notice the thinning you are on the road to regrowth. This is due to the new hairs starting to push the old hairs out in their new “Spring” of regrowth. I don’t know. I still have these bothersome patches. Grrrrr.

So what am I doing about it? Besides trying not to panic. Well, I’ve been taking a skin, hair and nail supplement, Maxi-Hair by Country Life. While reading a post from one of my favorite blogs, The Great Fitness Experiment, the author mentioned a product that helped with her own hair-rific concerns. Nioxin was the name of the product. Some interweb research revealed that one of their product lines is a three part system, and it appeared that perhaps it was something available at the drugstore. I took a Saturday afternoon to hunt around my town for it to no avail. But what I did find, and have decided to try, is a product called B’iota Botanicals. Unlike OTC Rogaine type products that seem to only target what would be considered baldness patterns that start at the crown of the head (dear God! I hope that isn’t going on with me), as opposed to thinning along the hairline. B’iota seems to be designed to work on random patches. I bought the shampoo and the serum.

Hopefully this will do the trick. Or at least help a bit.

Dare I dream it…


or will I just have to settle for this big hare…


Thanks for hanging out and reading!



Do you have thinning hair problems? What do you do about it?


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