Why Blog? Here’s My List.

5 Aug

I’ve been away from this blog for quite a while. Life.

I am always thinking about topics to post about. What direction to go. Is this a food blog? Not especially. I cook a lot, what with four kids and a husband. I’m not crazy about cooking. Of course I love it when my family is happy with a recipe that is successful and delicious. And there is a thrill in learning a new dish or technique. I’ve learned a great deal over the last couple of years about how foods, namely what kinds of foods, are conducive to mine and my family’s health and well being. The art of cooking and food prep doesn’t really float my boat though. Usually I’m a spaz in the kitchen with a control-freak streak and a hearty side of total bitch. Whenever I try out new recipes I’m usually on the verge of hollering, “That’s it! Screw this! Get the cans of tuna and a can opener. And will somebody please make me a damn drink!”. It’s a flaw. I own it.

With so many talented food and lifestyle bloggers out there, I’m sure my lack of contributing will not be missed. Although I do love swapping kitchen adventure tricks!

Is this a blog about family and parenting advice? Dear God Ya’ll, run for the hills if it is! I am by no means a perfect parent. Yet, somehow my husband and I have produced four amazing human beings. We can even “eat the pudding” in the raising of one of them, as she is a bona fide adult at 20 years of age. Granted, she is not yet completely on her own, as she still lives at home while going to college full time and working. But she is going to college full time and working. She has a good head on her shoulders, as does her 16 year old sister. Even when she disagrees with us, at times quite adamantly, about life philosophies, we know she is coming from a grounded and sincere place. As far as parenting styles go, I want to run wild in the streets with this one!

Dance and Fitness? I have a blog for that, misserindancefit.blogspot.com. I like to cross blog sometimes. What I like even more is having another blog that is a little more removed from extended family. We all need a place to complain about that one (or multiple) crazy family member!

Why even have a blog? A question I have often asked myself. I know why I have the misserin one. It helps me pass info to a lot of my Zumba, Balletone and ballet students. Show tutorials for dances or exercises and what not. But what about the random things that bump around in my head. I mean, really…who cares? Um…well, I kinda do. Sometimes I will come across something on Cracked.comJezebel.comBlogHer.com or a myriad of other sites that cross my path. There are articles that I don’t want to forget, or that I want to correlate with another idea, and I don’t want to forget that coupling. I know I am not alone. The internet is an amazing firestorm of ideas and notions. Perhaps the number one reason for me, and the one that I should stay keen on, is that I have always been fascinated about writing. My skills aren’t finely tuned, my technical knowledge rough at best. But the one thing I know for certain; To get better at something, you must do that something. So to explore my skills at writing I must write. Even if it’s just to entertain myself. Or aggravate myself.

So what are some of the most pressing topics on my mind these days? Well, since you asked;

The never-ending adventures of marriage and parenting.

The process of going through a foreclosure.

The process of waiting to find out if my husband will remain gainfully employed where we currently live.

Why it’s important for a woman to embrace her inner sensuality.

How to keep those amazing fresh herbs I buy at the local Farmer’s Market from rotting to shit before I have a chance to use them.

Keeping Gluten-Free sexy and fun for the whole family!

Exploring my spiritual beliefs.

Recovering from my upbringing.

Adventures with aging parents who are crazy (crazy was there before the aging).

My ever-increasing intolerance to dealing with my parents.

Please Dear God, don’t let me become my parents!

Zeitgeist The Movie.

Am I screwing up my kids?

Is the world’s decreasing birth rate a disaster in the making for individual countries?

What do I want to do when I grow up?

Welcome to my cave.


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